Net Marine offers professional services in the range of:

  • offshore and overland repairs of hydraulic and automatic devices.
  • selling new and used: hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, transmissions, servomotors, controllers, valves, filtering devices, cranes and winches.
Our engineers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in working with marine systems. Thanks to the experience and many years of work in the maritime industry services run smoothly, and the services provided are of high quality.

We offer services in the country and abroad

We repair among other things:

  • Windlass, anchor-mooring winches and load winches
  • Steering gears
  • Cranes load and auxiliary
  • Hatch covers with hydraulic drives
  • Bilge-ballast systems and fuel installations
  • Hydraulic presses, cylinders, jacks, hoists
  • Hydraulic motors and pumps

Net Marine Company provides services in the field of automation and electrical work.

Our work includes:
  • Installation and repair of installations of cargo
  • Repair of cranes
  • Installation and repair of hydraulic installations of a scientific nature
  • Repair installation automation
  • Measuring the state of oil contamination, rinse the installation and filtering of oil in closed systems

We carry a comprehensive supply of hydraulic equipment:

  • all kinds of pipe
  • pomps
  • drivers
  • valves
  • flanges
  • actuators
  • hydraulic hoses
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic fittings



ul.Piesza 25
70-663 Szczecin, Poland


  • +48 601 611 984
  • +48 91 425 27 74


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